Are Online Casinos Experiencing Growth During Coronavirus?

Are Online Casinos Experiencing Growth During Coronavirus

Are Online Casinos Experiencing Growth During CoronavirusUnless you’re living under a rock you’ve probably been flooded with news about the global pandemic known as covid-19. Over the past few weeks many offices and other places of business have had to close their doors indefinitely. Some businesses have been closed for good leaving many unemployed and with no other source of income. The global pandemic continues to force people to stay home to avoid getting sick or spreading the virus. So, how is the current situation impacting Australian online casinos.

Current situation

Many industries including travel, hotels, stores, restaurants and many more have been severely impacted by the current global situation. Many people continue to be sent home; the current covid-19 pandemic has helped see a boost in online casino activity. With more people are staying home and being forced to self-quarantine everyone is looking for ways to pass the time. Some are even looking to make some additional side income as they continue to look for work.

Online Casinos are Booming

Last month many online casinos reported an increase in new player registrations and an increase in deposits. This was attributed to more and more people being stuck at home. One by product of this increase in online casino activity is the fear that some online casino operators may try and take advantage of the current covid-19 pandemic. Using the current virus to get their players to deposit more money. In response to this the UKGC (United Kingdom Gaming Commission) has introduced new strict guidelines.

The guidelines are focused on how online casinos can promote offers which include mentioning or referencing the coronavirus. Online casinos may not promote games or offers using any material or language that references the virus. Furthermore, they are also considering imposing new daily deposit limits to protect gamblers from overspending during this time of uncertainty.

Will it Last?

Coronavirus has led many countries to come to a near complete stand still. Many places of business are now closed. People are being limited to how far they can go. In some countries that were hit hardest people can’t even leave their homes at all. Although the current situation has helped give a boost to online casinos and other online gambling sites this cannot last forever. The longer people remain unemployed and the longer they must dip into their savings the less disposable income people will have to spend on non-essential things like online casinos. As time goes on people will become much more conscious of every penny they spend. If you need to choose between depositing at your favourite casino or buying food, most will choose the latter.

For online casinos to retain their momentum things will need to change in regard to the current covid-19 pandemic. For now, online casinos will continue to enjoy a boom while people look for more ways to pass the time and find entertainment and excitement while being stuck at home. We remind our readers to stay safe and play responsibly during these times.