Atlantic City Spends $20m Advertising Casino Pokies Tourism

online casino slotsAmidst intense competition from the nearby state of Pennsylvania, Atlantic City has had a tough time over the past few years. They now stand behind both Las Vegas and Pennsylvania as the United States’ third most popular casino gaming destination, and this doesn’t look to change any time soon. So the struggling town has redoubled their efforts, and they’re set to launch a $20 million marketing campaign that’ll bring attention to both their casino games and tourism scene. You’ll find some of the finer points of this ambitious plan listed below.

Atlantic City – More than just Casino Gaming

Most people know what to expect when they visit Atlantic City since the area is known for its casino pokies, blackjack games, roulette wheels and Caribbean poker. But not as many potential visitors see the town as an all-around tourism destination, which Atlantic City is hoping to change. They’ve teamed up with the state of New Jersey to create the public perception that this gaming mecca has more to offer than just blackjack and casino pokies.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke about the new marketing campaign by saying, “Transforming Atlantic City’s gaming and tourism economy, and developing it into a world-class destination and resort, is a vital and ongoing commitment of this administration.”

One of the steps being taken to develop Atlantic City into a world-class resort destination include pushing how the town offers an escape from everyday life. Furthermore, they want people to consider the luxury accommodations, fine dining, shopping, nightclubs, beaches, and boardwalk located in the area. Many of these sentiments are being used in conjunction with the slogan “Do Anything, Do Everything.”

Nearby metropolitan areas like Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York City are getting a heavy dose of these advertising efforts, which are being transmitted via print, TV and the internet. Considering the previously discussed $20 million budget, there’s no doubt that Atlantic City will be able to get their message across through these various forms of media.

Stiff Casino Pokies Competition

One big question in all of this is whether or not a massive advertising effort will be enough to draw people to this reeling gaming destination. After all, Philadelphia and New York both have popular casinos, which have cut down on Atlantic City’s visitor pool. Online casinos have become much more prevalent as well, with people opting for online casino pokies over traveling to land-based destinations.

So will a re-branding effort pull people away from online casino pokies, and into the improving Atlantic City scene? Maybe advertising will be enough… maybe it won’t; but the town will not have to solely rely on marketing to revive Atlantic City since more help is on the way.

Reveling in the Revel

Excitement has rushed over America’s third largest gaming destination after the opening of the $2.4 billion Revel Resort and Casino. This massive casino/resort takes up 20 acres on the New Jersey coastline, and features a 1399-room hotel tower. The casino floor spans 150,000 square feet, while featuring hundreds of gaming tables and casino pokies.

As for amenities, Revel Atlantic City offers two nightclubs, a dayclub, 14 restaurants, and a 160,000-square-foot pool that starts inside and flows outside. Throw in a landscaped rooftop deck, one spa, and a 5,050-seat theater, and you’ve got the most luxurious resort in the entire city. Looking at everything that Revel has to offer, it’s sure to be a huge draw for both high and low rollers.

From an overall perspective, it looks like Atlantic City is fighting hard to let the world know about their tourism appeal, and the exciting casino pokies games that people can enjoy here.

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