Hiatory of pokies
News 13-07-2016

Why Do We Call Them Online Pokies In Australia?

It’s quite funny, and you could almost say its stereotypical of the Australians! The rest of the world knows them as poker machines, or slot machines. We are basically the only country (except maybe New Zealand) to call them pokies, and if you referred to them as pokies in another country, they would have no […]

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Download vs Flash online casino
News 25-06-2016

Download Casino or Instant Play?

Gone are the days when gambling enthusiasts have to leave their home and plan an elaborate and expensive trip just to gamble. Now, gamblers in Australia have hundreds of online casinos to choose from right from the comfort of their home with more coming out each and every day! It used to be that players […]

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Australian online casino
News 12-09-2015

The Luckiest Online Casino Players in Australia

There is no doubt that Australian online casino gaming and gambling has become quite common in the past couple of years. Many people are getting to realize the convenience and the usefulness of playing online as opposed to land-based casinos. If you have been playing at the land-based casinos, perhaps this is the right time […]

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News 18-06-2015

Zynga creates casino-style play with Elite free slots

The pioneer in software production Zynga announced offering the slot packed with social elements that has received the name “Elite Slots”. These slots present a unique merge of communication options and thrilling playing. The invention has reminded critics slots in casinos of Las Vegas, where a gambler can play a social slot in company of […]

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News 24-02-2015

New Psycho Slot by NextGen

Things are starting to look exciting for the Australian slot software market as NYX Gaming Group Limited, known to most of us as NextGen Gaming, are about to release a Psycho slot game under agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing. The game is based on a timeless classic thriller Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, and has […]

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News 26-11-2014

Pokerstars joins the online casino arena

In 2014, all of a sudden, an online poker platform PokerStars distressed many of its existing customers, some of which had been loyal to it for 13 years, that is, since the  founding of the company in 2001. With its headquarters based in the Isle of Man, PokerStars has dealt more than 115 billion hands […]

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