Why Do We Call Them Online Pokies In Australia?

Hiatory of pokiesIt’s quite funny, and you could almost say its stereotypical of the Australians! The rest of the world knows them as poker machines, or slot machines. We are basically the only country (except maybe New Zealand) to call them pokies, and if you referred to them as pokies in another country, they would have no idea what you were talking about. It’s much the same as “barbie” being short for barbecue. Pokies is just an abbreviation of poker!

What is the difference between online pokies and local pub pokies?

Interestingly enough, there is quite a difference between the two. Let’s first talk about the welcome bonuses. When you sign up to play pokies online, most sites (all the ones listed on our site do!) give a welcome bonus of some sort to the player. It’s usually extra money based on how much the player first deposits. No local casino or pub do anything like this, as you can’t easily monitor and track it like you can online.

The games are significantly different as well. In the offline world, the same games have been on the floors of Australian pokies rooms for over 10 years. How many times can someone play Indian Dreaming without getting bored?! With the online pokies, there is a much wider range of games to play. Not only is there over 200 at any given site, they also are built on different technology that offer microgaming facilities. This basically means, inside the pokies game, there is mini games you can play as well that also give cash, free spins and jackpot bonuses. There are a couple of these types of games sneaking into casinos but hardly any worth noting, and they are usually more expensive to play.

When playing pokies on the internet, you also get access to some really cool comic and movie inspired games that aren’t available offline. For example, Batman Dark Knight, Iron Man and Lord Of The Rings all have their own pokies games which are co signed and co developed along side the movie companies. The quality of these games are truly beautiful and a joy to play from the comfort of your own home. If you are a fan of these movies, then you will love playing the pokies versions!

Download Casino or Instant Play?

Download vs Flash online casinoGone are the days when gambling enthusiasts have to leave their home and plan an elaborate and expensive trip just to gamble. Now, gamblers in Australia have hundreds of online casinos to choose from right from the comfort of their home with more coming out each and every day!

It used to be that players had only one choice with casino software. Players would download the large file required to play their favorite casino games online. But that’s all changed thanks to instant play and the emergence of flash technology in casino software. Of course, gamblers still have the option to download the software and have it on their computer, but more and more online casinos are eliminating the need to download software and making the casinos available directly of their website. So how do players choose whether to download or instant play?

If a player chooses to download the casino software the possibilities are endless. Downloading software improves graphics and playability and users are not required to wait for the website to load in order to enjoy their casino experience. Furthermore, downloading casino software is the best and most secure means of online gambling. That is becuse the security is done through the software itself rather than the web browser. Players need not worry about hacking and loosing personal information when the software is downloaded to a user’s home computer. Personal information, passwords and credit card information is kept secure and safe on the users’ computer.

However, if the player elects for instant play, they have not made a bad decision. Instant play allows for greater mobility and diversity. With instant play, players are not compelled to gamble at just one casino. The players can visit several casinos in one sitting. All you need for instant play is a computer and an Internet connection and you’re ready to try your luck. Just choose any one of the many Aussies online casinos available on this site.

So when trying to decide between download and instant play, make yourself aware of all the options and choose the one that best suits you. Of course, players can always do both and enjoy the online gambling world to its full potential.

A Night in Paris Pokie

a night in parise pokieA Night in Paris online pokie is a much romanticized slot version of an already very romantic city, Paris. The tall buildings, western culture mix with eye-catching scenery creates the perfect backdrop for a slot machine with tons of attractive features, just like the city itself. The game follows the story of Jacque, a thief who wishes to be in possession of a prized museum art item using non-conventional ways to get it. Unfortunately, the buff Jerome and his dog Pierre make Jacque’s quest a little more complicated than he had initially anticipated. Read the review below to find out how the rest of the story goes and what’s in it for you to play along.

Game Specifications

A Night in Paris pokie is a 5-reel, 30-payline machine released in 2011 running on the Betsoft software. Like many other casino slots from the world-renowned online gaming software, A Night in Paris is a 3D story line with scatters, multipliers, free spins and bonus rounds. Not forgetting the hours of fun it has to offer along with a nice set of possible payouts. Make a bet of up to 150 coins and the romantic city could serve you well with up to 7,500 coins in rewards. The three different bonus features available make for even more winnings without placing any more coins into the machine.

Symbols and Payouts

Since A Night in Paris slot features an incrementally increasing jackpot, it is necessary to make a maximum bet should a player wish to take part in and stand in line to win this jackpot. A maximum bet is reached when all 30 paylines are activated using 5 coins on each of the paylines. This brings the maximum to 50 coins per spin or, if taking into consideration the highest coin denominations of AU$0.50 into consideration, an amount of AU$75. Even if the player doesn’t win the progressive jackpot, there is still the reasonable amount of 7,500 coins that can be won as the second highest jackpot. Set of typical French items such as croissants, kissing lovers, doves and the Eiffel tower form the symbols that make up your winning combinations.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

Three or more of the Napoleon painting symbols on the reels unlock the Caught in the Museum bonus round while the free spins feature is unlocked randomly at the machine’s choice and the multiplier feature is unlocked by a combination of different symbols. The multiplier feature specifically is one of the features that differentiate this game from other casino slots where the feature would only be triggered through a certain number of identical symbols lining up on the reels at the same time. A chance to gamble with your winnings is also available with auto-play being an additional feature to help you find an easy way into riches!

Graphics and Sounds

If there is one thing above all else that Betsoft slots are known for it has to be their graphics that are always crafted to perfection and accompanying sound effects that bring all aspects of the game together. The amusing story line is further enhanced by the smooth animations and spectacular sound effects that make the game just bliss to play. You don’t need to move out of your seat to catch the beautiful and romantic scenes of Paris. Simply join the Betsoft Australian casinos recommend by OnlineCasino61.com to you and play your heart away in A Night in Paris pokie!
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Online Pokies Tips

PokiesUnlike casino poker games like Blackjack or Texas Hold ‘Em, there are no clear-cut mathematical strategies for winning online pokies. Australian pokie is a game of chance and hoping that the winning symbols line up on the payout line or lines. However, there are tips and strategies that can increase your chance of winning pokies without the need to make a clear cut strategy before starting to play.
Pokie Tips and Strategies

One of the best online pokies tips that players can use to win is play online pokies in the best online casino sites. Online casino pokie have better winning odds than land based casinos. Given that fact, if a player has played a pokie that has not paid out any winnings after spinning 100 times, the casino site is not reliable, and the pokie player should find a better online casino at which to play.

A great online pokies strategy is to make a budget before playing. Playing the more advanced 5-reel, multiple payout lines pokies gives players the chance to win big payouts, yet they are also expensive to play. Choosing to play the simpler 3-reel, 1 payout line pokies are inexpensive to play, yet they yield lesser payouts than the more elaborate pokie games. Winning pokie games can be expensive, so pokie players should decide on an amount that they’re playing with for that day, week, or month, and stick to it. It’s easy to lose track of one’s money while playing pokie, and keeping track of one’s spending is a great pokies tip. This way, a player can have fun playing pokie while not losing their wallet.

Another great online pokie strategy is to mix up what kind of pokie game a player chooses. Every player would love to just continually play their odds at the progressive pokies, but they are expensive, and their jackpots climb extremely high for a reason. Simply, progressive pokies are hard to win. For the most fun and excitement, pokie players should play different versions and switch between the simple and more complex online pokie games. A pokie tip is to also vary the betting amount on a given pokie game to add to the fun. Betting the same amount every time can also dwindle a player’s funds very quickly. This way, the pokies never get old, always stay exciting, and players can actually increase their chances of winning.

One of the best pokie features are the Double Up bonus feature. Many online pokie games offer a player the chance to double their winnings after their payouts. The Double Up feature gives players great odds, 50 percent, to double their winnings. Pokie players have the opportunity to choose the color or suit of a turned over card.

The best online pokies tip that a player can follow is to play for fun, not to win big money. Online pokies are much more fun and exciting when a pokie player is relaxed and playing for thrill and not because they feel that they have to win lots of money.

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Fun Features Of Mobile Casino Games

mobile casino gamesOnline casino games now can be played on the, go on your mobile phone, and it is a big fun. This type of the unbounded entertainments is not only interactive and exciting, but is also rewarding, as it gives the mobile player enthusiastic an opportunity to master their gambling skills along with an option to play casino table games and online pokies. If you are looking for an excellent way to relax while on the move regardless if you are at work or at home, then you should consider playing online casino wagering on your phone. As long as you have a modern phone compatible with the latest technological developments, you can conveniently use it for playing.
Mobile casino fun has become even more exciting mainly due to the availability of excellent mobile casino bonuses and other promotions. The good thing about these perks is that they are designed for both new comers and seasoned players. Most mobile casinos usually update their incentives programs on a regular basis, in order to attract new clientele as well as maintaining the loyalty of their existing players.
Additionally, most of these gambling sites have their own unique incentive programs making casino mobile bonuses a lot more intriguing. If you are looking for a way to make a few extra bucks during your past time, then the mobile betting on the go is an option to consider.
Essentially, most casino mobile games betting sites usually welcome new customers with free house money on offer; in other words, no cash deposit is needed to start wagering the house free cash. This type of scheme is geared towards empowering beginners to understand the various features and options available for psyers. The majority of no deposit mobile casino bonuses usually provide free chips, which beginners can use when making their first bets.
There are offers in other forms of incentives geared toward attracting more people to join the sites. For instance, you will find a mobile betting site offering cash rewards for players who refers their friends to sign up. Numerous incentives on offers are definitely the best way to introduce new players into the world of mobile betting.
Players on the move will never get bored .It is literally lots of fun. Funny entertainment at the mobile casinos may include weekly to monthly promotions, mobile slot tournaments, refer a friend programs, deposit marching house, “credits” among hosting other competitions. Such an on-going incentives normally guarantee players fantastic mobile betting entertainment while doubling their options to win.
If you are looking for any easy yet fun way of making money on the go, then it is best to consider mobile gambling: with the latest technological developments in the mobile field.
Most mobile casino games will continue to be popular especially with the recent advancements in the improvements of mobile technology.

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Winning Strategies For Playing Online Craps

Online CrapsIt is a simple enough game, and has been a casino favorite for years and years. Now with the advent of mobile gaming, Aussies can play craps anywhere, at any time. Along with mobile pokies, online craps is one of the most popular games Aussies play on their tablets and smartphones. Is there one foolproof strategy? The answer to that is no, but there are strategies that will work more often than not, and send you home a winner a majority of the time.

Betting Against The Dice – Rules Of The Game and Strategies

Online craps is a simple game, the initial roll determines what comes next. If a rollers hits a 7 or 11, they win right then and there. If they roll a 2, 3, or 12 they lose their wager, but still get to roll again. Any number they roll other than those five numbers becomes the point they need to hit in their subsequent roll, but that number must be rolled before a 7 comes up, and if it does, they have “crapped out.” The dice are then passed to the next person at the table.

Seems simple enough, and if you win, you win the amount you bet for that roll. If you lose, you lose the amount you bet. There are all kinds of wagering options on a modern craps table, and many of them pay greater than even money odds, such as betting for a specific number to be rolled before a person “craps out.” For the most part, these are sucker bets and not worth your money. But if you must try and get better than even money odds for your wager, your best specific number bet is with a 6 or an 8.

But there are only two things you need to pay attention to in order to play winning online craps, and those are the PASS and NO PASS lines that are located on the edge of the table. A bet on the PASS line means you betting that the person rolling the dice will either throw a winner when they come out, or they will make their point after the initial role. A bet on the NO PASS line means that you are betting they will roll a 2,3, or 12 on their initial roll, or will crap out before they make their point.

Over a period of time, betting the NO PASS line will pay off for you. We’ve all seen people who hit a hot streak and roll 7s or hit their point time and time again, but you should know this is the exception and by no means the rule. If you have been to a casino in your life and spent at least an hour or so observing what goes on the table, you know that for every person who gets on a roll, there is at least one and probably two people who will crap out on the initial roll, and then not be able to make their points if they get to roll again.

For this reason, the majority of your play should be on the NO PASS line. You may lose a bit of cash in the short run, but if you stick with the strategy for a good period of time, even as little as an hour, you will start to see some good profits no matter if you’re at the casino yourself, or you are playing anywhere in the country on your mobile gaming app.

This strategy is called “betting against the dice” and while we’re not entirely sure where the phrase was coined, it seems a good bet that one of those blokes from America came up with it. So give “betting against the dice” a roll if you will, and see if you can add to your bank account while playing on your favorite mobile gaming app.

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Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort Announces Special Giveaway

Australian Online CasinoTrump Taj Mahal Casino Resort has confirmed that it is giving one lucky winner $25,000 towards the procedure of their choice in the $25,000 Nip, Tuck and Lift Sweepstakes, online poker players may be among those interested to know.
Kathleen McSweeney, senior vice-president of marketing for Trump Entertainment Resorts, observed that the organisation is seeking to change the face of a “typical casino promotion and with this one we are literally doing it”.
“Many people have something they want to change; a nip and tuck here, a lift there, but the cost of these procedures can be quite costly,” she remarked.
“This promotion will allow the winner the opportunity to get the procedures of their choice.”

Elsewhere, the city of Macau and a gambling company recently reached an agreement which will allow the company to build a shopping district and gambling resort.
In return for prime real estate in the heart of the gambling-mad city of Macau, the firm has agreed to part with 1.55 billion patacs.

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Australian Online Casino Deposit Method

Online Casino Australia depositChoosing a method for making a first deposit at a new online casino site can be rather confusing, and with so many online casino deposit method choices available it can actually be very hard for online casino depositing players to find the best deposit method to fund a new account with. Our aim is to keep this site a useful and simple resource for players looking for the best online casino deposit method to fund accounts at Australian online casinos.

Online Casino Deposit Methods in Australian

When choosing a new Australian online casino deposit method, the way you choose to fund a casino account with can vary depending on your goals. Players who chase casino deposit bonuses and frequently move bankrolls from one online casino to another, prefer ewallets as a way to deposit and cashout at online poker rooms instantly, in order to get a bankroll to another room quickly. Other players prefer not to use credit cards, or have their credit cards rejected at poker rooms. Below, we’ll outline the basic types of poker deposit methods available to players.

Ewallet Online Casino Deposit Method

Ewallets have become an extremely popular casino deposit method, the convenience of being able to deposit and cashout anonymously at poker rooms outweighs the fact that poker ewallets tend to have higher loading fees. As the fees are basically centered around “loading”, the ewallet method of poker depositing favors winning players who need a way to store, and move money around from various poker rooms fast. Below we list the most popular poker ewallet deposit methods.
» Ewalletxpress – best Ewallet for Australian casino players.
» Moneybookers – Most popular deposit method internationally.
» Neteller – Second most popular deposit method.
» Ukash – Quickly becoming the preferred deposit method.
» ClickandBuy – Popular deposit method for Australian players.

Bank Account Poker Deposit Method

Using a bank account as a direct poker deposit method works great, at the poker rooms that offer this depositing method. In most cases there is no deposit fees associated with this method, and transferring poker funds via a bank account is the best poker deposit method for high limit players wishing to make deposits of more than $1,000. The downside to depositing at poker rooms with this method is the one time approval process that serves to limit fraud. Players using the bank account poker deposit method must verify their identity and wait up to a couple days for the first deposit to clear. Once this is done, depositing will be instant at all poker rooms offering bank account transfers to deposit.

Echecks Poker Deposit Method

Echecks are now the most popular poker deposit method for real money USA online poker. The four most popular poker rooms for USA players accept echecks as a poker depositing method. Echecks are without fees, but only work for depositing and not for cashing out. This is however not an issue as all four online poker rooms that accept echecks as a deposit method have fast cashout methods that arrive in just a couple days.
» Absolute Poker
» Ultimate Bet
» Poker Stars
» Full Tilt Poker

Credit Cards And Debit Cards Poker Deposit Method

Credit cards and debit cards are still the fastest poker deposit method, and work for “most” online players. In many countries, players will face failed approvals and cards will often be rejected. It is important to note that debit cards have a much higher acceptance rate at online poker rooms, as losing players looking to cheat the system cannot do “chargebacks” by pretending a credit card deposit at an online poker room was stolen and/or unauthorized. This is a criminal offense and rarely works, but degenerate players can and do try to get away with it. The best poker rooms that credit and debit cards work well as a poker deposit method are:
» Absolute Poker
» Ultimate Bet
» Doyles Room
» Sportsbook.com

Prepaid Poker Deposit Method

When a card is rejected for making a poker deposit, or you just want to turn cash into chips at your favorite online poker room – prepaid poker deposit methods make a great choice. Netspend and All Access gift cards that are found at Wal-Mart, 7-11, and Walgreens stores in the “gift card” area work with nearly 100% success rates. This method for poker deposits is directed at US players and works best at the poker rooms listed below:
» Poker Stars
» Absolute Poker
» Doyles Room

Ukash is also a great way for Australians players to turn cash into a deposit, for more on Ukash visit another great site about poker deposits.

Winning Strategies When You Try Online Casino

Online Casino StrategyWhen you try online casino, naturally you want to win. No one goes online in order to lose. So if you are just starting to play then you should be aware of the different online strategies that you can try. Here are some things that you can use in order to develop a winning online casino strategy.

Winning Strategy#1 – Get Educated
Online gambling could be complicated and difficult to understand to some people, but if you take the time to study it. Online casino has many features that you should discover. First of all because it is based on the internet, online casino has certain technical aspects that you have to understand. You don’t have to be technically adept, but that can help.

Winning Strategy#2 – Shop Around
You won’t run out of options when it comes to online casinos. There are too many to choose from on the internet. So you don’t have to jump right at the first casino that you encounter. When you jump at the first option that you see, you’re likely missing out on better deals that are available out there. You should shop around first and check out the best options that are available.

Winning Strategy#3 – Pick the Right Game
It is not just about picking the right online casino; you should also make sure that you are able to pick the right kind of game. Pick games that would give you the most optimum amount of chance to win. Some games might be fun and exciting to play but they will not give you a good chance to win.

Winning Strategy#4 – Have a Budget
A really smart gambler will not go out there and play unprepared. You need to have a budget that you can use when you go out and play. Yes, you did read that right, a budget. A gambler these days should not be someone who goes out ready to spend all of his money. You need to have a plan and part of that is having a clear budget that you can use.

Winning Strategy#5 – Have a Schedule
Just like in having a budget, you should also learn how you can manage your time in the right way when you are doing an online casino. It is very easy for you to get lost when playing so you have to be careful. You need to allow your time and have a regular schedule when you would play. You should not touch play when it is outside of the schedule.

Winning Strategy#6 – What Are your Priorities?
What is your reason why you play online? Is it just to have some fun? You need to set your priorities when you want to play. If you want to earn some money then you should design your play to achieve that.

These are just some of the strategies that you can follow when you want to win when you are playing online. These moves will not guarantee your winning, but they can increase your chances to have a good time playing.

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Atlantic City Spends $20m Advertising Casino Pokies Tourism

online casino slotsAmidst intense competition from the nearby state of Pennsylvania, Atlantic City has had a tough time over the past few years. They now stand behind both Las Vegas and Pennsylvania as the United States’ third most popular casino gaming destination, and this doesn’t look to change any time soon. So the struggling town has redoubled their efforts, and they’re set to launch a $20 million marketing campaign that’ll bring attention to both their casino games and tourism scene. You’ll find some of the finer points of this ambitious plan listed below.

Atlantic City – More than just Casino Gaming

Most people know what to expect when they visit Atlantic City since the area is known for its casino pokies, blackjack games, roulette wheels and Caribbean poker. But not as many potential visitors see the town as an all-around tourism destination, which Atlantic City is hoping to change. They’ve teamed up with the state of New Jersey to create the public perception that this gaming mecca has more to offer than just blackjack and casino pokies.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke about the new marketing campaign by saying, “Transforming Atlantic City’s gaming and tourism economy, and developing it into a world-class destination and resort, is a vital and ongoing commitment of this administration.”

One of the steps being taken to develop Atlantic City into a world-class resort destination include pushing how the town offers an escape from everyday life. Furthermore, they want people to consider the luxury accommodations, fine dining, shopping, nightclubs, beaches, and boardwalk located in the area. Many of these sentiments are being used in conjunction with the slogan “Do Anything, Do Everything.”

Nearby metropolitan areas like Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York City are getting a heavy dose of these advertising efforts, which are being transmitted via print, TV and the internet. Considering the previously discussed $20 million budget, there’s no doubt that Atlantic City will be able to get their message across through these various forms of media.

Stiff Casino Pokies Competition

One big question in all of this is whether or not a massive advertising effort will be enough to draw people to this reeling gaming destination. After all, Philadelphia and New York both have popular casinos, which have cut down on Atlantic City’s visitor pool. Online casinos have become much more prevalent as well, with people opting for online casino pokies over traveling to land-based destinations.

So will a re-branding effort pull people away from online casino pokies, and into the improving Atlantic City scene? Maybe advertising will be enough… maybe it won’t; but the town will not have to solely rely on marketing to revive Atlantic City since more help is on the way.

Reveling in the Revel

Excitement has rushed over America’s third largest gaming destination after the opening of the $2.4 billion Revel Resort and Casino. This massive casino/resort takes up 20 acres on the New Jersey coastline, and features a 1399-room hotel tower. The casino floor spans 150,000 square feet, while featuring hundreds of gaming tables and casino pokies.

As for amenities, Revel Atlantic City offers two nightclubs, a dayclub, 14 restaurants, and a 160,000-square-foot pool that starts inside and flows outside. Throw in a landscaped rooftop deck, one spa, and a 5,050-seat theater, and you’ve got the most luxurious resort in the entire city. Looking at everything that Revel has to offer, it’s sure to be a huge draw for both high and low rollers.

From an overall perspective, it looks like Atlantic City is fighting hard to let the world know about their tourism appeal, and the exciting casino pokies games that people can enjoy here.

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