Difference Between a Deposit Bonus and a No-Deposit Bonus?

Difference Between a Deposit Bonus and a No-Deposit Bonus?

Difference Between a Deposit Bonus and a No-Deposit Bonus?Most gamblers today know that when you sign up and deposit at an online casino, you’ll receive a bonus or maybe some free spins to a popular pokie game. This has become the standard when making deposits at most online casinos. There are exceptions to this such as real money casinos which don’t give any bonuses like land-based casinos. With so many great offers available it seems foolish to opt-out or pass on them. So why would anyone pass up the option to get free money when making a deposit? Let’s dig deeper to see what’s the difference between deposit and no-deposit bonus offers.

What are no-deposit bonus offers?

We’re all familiar with deposit bonus offers. They are usually quite straight forward. Deposit a minimum amount of money based on the terms and receive something in return for your deposit. Some offers will give you bonus money while others will grant you free spins to popular pokie games. No-deposit bonus offers are exactly what they sound like. You make a min or maximum deposit and get absolutely nothing in return. Sounds great, right? Before you go ahead and say why would anyone do that, we need to dive a little deeper into how bonus offers work.

Deposit bonuses explained

Although it’s nice to receive free money or free spins when you make a deposit it’s important to understand there are terms and conditions that apply. When a bonus is granted for a deposit you will need to meet strict wagering requirements in order to access your winnings. Besides having to wager a certain amount of money you will also need to pay attention to which games you can play, and which will not count towards your overall wagering requirements. Some games don’t count and can cause you to spend through your entire balance. Many people are caught off guard when they go to withdraw their winnings only to find out they can’t as they haven’t fulfilled the terms of the offer they received.

Freedom to play

Some more experienced and veteran players prefer to forgo claiming a bonus offer when they deposit. This allows them the freedom to play any games they like with no restrictions of any kind. Even better is once they have accumulated a nice balance, they can choose to withdraw their winnings whenever they like. Some gamblers have preferred games and ways of playing which can be limited when you receive a bonus.

It’s important to understand that there is no such as thing as a truly free offer. Every offer you claim when you play at online casinos will have wagering requirements and game restrictions you will need to meet in order to claim your winnings. It’s up to each player to decide what the pros and cons of each offer is and to see if the offer is worth claiming. Sometimes you can win big with the bonus you receive and sometimes you can lose it all trying to meet the terms.