How is the Corona Virus Pandemic Affecting Sports Betting In Australia?

How is the Corona Virus Pandemic Affecting Sports Betting In Australia?

How is the Corona Virus Pandemic Affecting Sports Betting In Australia?2020 is shaping up to be one for the history books. It started out like every other year and then suddenly without warning everything seemed to change overnight. Around March most organized sports around the world had been put on hold. In the United States and Canada Major League Baseball, the NHL, NFL and the NBA have all been cancelled. This also includes all other sports major and minor leagues too. In Australia and the rest of the world the same has taken place. All football leagues and all other sports being cancelled for the remainder of the season. Even this year’s summer Olympic games which were meant to take place in Tokyo Japan have been postponed. They will now take place in the summer of 2021. With no sports or sporting events taking place there is an impact being felt. But how much of an impact are they feeling?

A little about sports betting sites

Most people would assume that sports betting sites are focused solely on taking bets on various sporting events taking place around the world and that is pretty much it. Although sports betting sites do focus mainly on placing bets on sports events and playing the odds many of these sites also offer side games and other activities. You can most likely find a large selection of pokies and other popular casino games too. With a wide selection of side games and activities to chose from players will have other options to place bets even when no sporting events are taking place.

Learning to adapt

With no sporting events taking place around the world how are these sites adapting? The easiest shift many sports betting sites have switched to is promoting more their side games and other activities in order to get players to come and keep playing. But what about those of us looking to place bets on sports? The thrill of the game, who will win, how much of a spread will they cover or beat? In times like these many sports gaming sites are now moving to e-sports. Competitive gaming has exploded on the scene in the past few years and has taken the world by storm. In July 2019, the Fortnite world cup took place in New York. The winner of that tournament walked away with a 3-million-dollar prize. The tournament was also televised and could be seen online anywhere in the world.

E-sports are unique in the fact that the competitors do not need to meet face to face in order to compete. In fact, they don’t even need to leave the comfort of their own homes which plays in well with being quarantined and social distancing. Tournaments are taking place online where the competitors face in virtual battle weather it’s shooting games, fighting games or sports games online competition has never been bigger than it is now.


Moving forward e-sports will continue to gain exposure and growth. Don’t be surprised if more and more sports betting sites don’t start promoting e-sports even after regular sports returns to us.

Coronavirus Affecting Sports Betting Sites In Australia