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How to Become a VIP player?

How to Become a VIP player? VIPs get the best treatment. So how does it apply to online casinos. Is it really worth all the hassle to join the VIP club? What perks can you receive? Is it for everyone? If you’ve ever pondered any of these questions, then you’ll want to keep on reading.

How does the VIP program work?

If you’ve ever played at an Australian online casino then you have no doubt seen the term VIP or VIP club. All online casinos offer some form of VIP program to their players. Any player who deposits regularly and plays often will be eligible to join the VIP club. Once you meet the casinos deposit and days of activity minimum requirements then you will automatically be invited to join the VIP program. There are multiple levels you can achieve again based on how much you deposit and how often you play. Keep in mind many casinos will update your VIP status on a monthly basis. If you stop depositing and playing your level can go down. Even worse if you stay away long enough your VIP status ca be taken away.

What perks and extras do players receive?

Although all VIP programs are not the same most of them do share many of the same perks and extras. VIP players will be eligible to receive bigger deposit bonus offers than the standard bonuses they offer everyone else. Players will also receive a dedicated VIP manager which they can contact anytime, faster withdrawal times as well as being able to withdraw larger amounts. Higher level VIPs will also receive personal gifts and other prizes.

Is the VIP program right for you?

With all the perks and extras VIP players receive it may seem like everyone should be a VIP. But is it right for everyone? The answer really depends on 2 main factors. The first is based on how often you plan on playing. Casual players who only come a few times a month or less would not be eligible to become a VIP. The second factor is based on how much you plan to spend every month. Anyone wishing to join the VIP club will need to meet a minimum amount of deposits each month. Players who want to deposit small amounts will not be eligible.

However, if you are planning to play regularly and can afford to make multiple deposits then we definitely recommend becoming a VIP player. This will allow you to get more for your deposits and maximize your playing experience. If you’re already planning to play why not get more.


If you’re thinking of becoming a VIP player, we recommend you visit the VIP page of your favourite casino. Here you will find more information on which perks, and bonuses are available. You’ll get an explanation on what requirements you need to meet in order to join the club. Not all casinos offer the same extras to their VIPs.

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