How to Choose the Best Casino Promotions in 2020

How to Choose the Best Casino Promotions in 2020

How to Choose the Best Casino Promotions in 20202020 has been shaping up to be an interesting year. With more and more people being forced to stay home due the spread of covid-19 most people are constantly searching for new ways to pass the time. One the ways people are helping themselves to pass the time is by joining online casinos. Australian Online casinos are providing people a fun way to pass the time and possibly win some money along the way. With so many online casinos to choose from how do you know which promotion is right for you? Below we’ve compiled some tips to help you choose the right offer for you.

Different Promotion Types

With so many different promotions and offers available where should you start? There are two main types of promotional offers which include deposit bonus and no deposit bonus offers. Although one offer will require you to make a deposit in order to receive something both offers will require you to meet strict wagering requirements.

We can further break it down in two specific offer types. Two of the most common bonuses types being offered today are deposit bonuses and free spins offers. A deposit bonus is fairly straight forward deposit a minimum amount in order to receive a bonus of X percent up to a certain amount. A free spins offer will give you free spins on a specific game up to a maximum amount depending on how much you deposit. The free spins can only be redeemed on specific games mentioned in the offer’s terms and conditions.

Welcome Offer vs. Re-Deposit Bonus Offers

Overall, both welcome bonuses and re-deposit bonuses are usually very similar in the types of offers you can claim. The main difference between these bonus offers are that welcome bonuses tend to be way more generous in the amount of bonus or free spins you can receive. Welcome bonuses are meant to attract new players as well as encourage players to join one site over another. With so many sites competing for you hard earned cash some sites will offer extremely generous promotions. No matter which offer you decide to claim always make sure you review the promotion’s terms and conditions. This will help avoid any unwanted surprises.

What’s Your Play Style

Depending on you how you prefer to play some offers might be better suited for you than others. If you’re a big fan of slot games most likely, you’ll want to claim a free spins bonus. There’s a good chance some sites are even offering free spins bonuses on your favourite slot games. Just be sure to check which game the free spins offer is valid for. The last thing anyone wants is to get free spins on a slot game they don’t ever play.

If you enjoy playing a wide selection of casino and table games then chances are you’ll prefer a deposit bonus offer instead. Deposit bonuses can be used when playing a wider selection of games. It’s important to remember that while you can play a bonus on pokies or table games not all games are valid to meet your wagering requirements. Be sure you check the terms to see which games you can play and which to avoid when using your bonus.