Will Australia’s Casinos Go Cashless?

Will Australia’s Casinos Go Cashless?

Will Australia’s Casinos Go Cashless?As the world continues to deal with Corona virus many businesses have had to close their doors to the public. In order to contain the spread of the virus many places such as land-based casinos have shut their doors until further notice. Most gamblers needed to get their thrills online as more and more people were forced to stay indoors.

Restrictions are beginning to ease up and many places of business have started opening their doors to the public. However, new restrictions are also being implemented in order help prevent the spread of the virus. One of those changes involves using cashless payment options. Casinos around the world are now considering making the switch to cashless casinos as well. So, what does this mean for gamblers and casino lovers? How will this impact the future of land-based casinos in Australia? Read on to find how we see things shaping up in 2020.

How it is today

Until now if you wanted to gamble at a land-based casino near you or while on vacation you used cash. Otherwise you needed to withdraw cash from an ATM. If you wanted to have a truly cashless experience while gambling, you needed to play online. Australian online casinos offer a wide variety of credit card and online payment options as they can’t accept cash.

Recently the American Gambling Association has started to debate adding cashless payment options as a way to avoid passing around notes. Although passing money around does have a lower rate of transmission casinos are looking to help reduce the chance of infection with the use of cashless transactions.

Cashless casinos are on the way

Cashless casinos are picking up steam as more casinos begin to implement alternative payment options. Alternatives to cash include credit cards and PayPal to name a few. Some casinos are introducing cards you can digitally fund and add a predefined amount of money on to your card. The new card also allows you to better manage your spending and play more responsibly. Funds can be added to the card when it reaches zero and your winnings can be withdrawn from the card to your bank account. In order to play you just need to insert you card into the pokie machine or at any table you wish to join, and you can start betting. Once you’re done playing pull out the card and head over to the next game.

Moving forward

For now, cashless casinos are still rather new and have yet to be implemented around the world. In Australia there is still no official word on this. Some casinos are reported to be looking in to implementing this new technology as a way to help prevent the spread of the virus and as a way to give players more options to deposit and play more responsibly.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a truly cashless casino experience you’ll need to head online to your favourite online casino and make a deposit there. What do you think about cashless casinos? Is it the future of gambling or just another gimmick? Stay tunned for more updates and news on cashless casinos and other casino related news.